AcFun got tens of millions of dollars investment from SBCVC

2016-01-14 12:07 Original yuzhaoxin

On Jan 13, It is said that AcFun got tens of millions of dollars investment from SBCVC.


AcFun is a Chinese video sharing website focusing on ACG, and it is created in June 2007 based on Sina Video. Later in 2008 the site relaunched with a Niconico-style player. The site does not store videos itself, and uses videos from other video sharing sites. Now the site supports both submitting articles and videos from Youku, QQ Video, Sina Video, Tudou Video or other sites by the users.


As ACGN culture originate in Japan being more and more recognized in China now, professional website such as AcFun and Bilibili are getting more and more popular with capitals.


Although AcFun was punished for legal licence absence lately and the domain name( has been blacklisted, many enterprises and users are still very enthusiastic about its prospect of development.


If SBCVC invested AcFun, it is a significant development for AcFun. The competition between AcFun and Bilibili will be increasingly fierce.

【The report is originally made by yuzhaoxin, please indicate the source while reproducing.】

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